• * If there is a thunderstorm at 2 am Lara or Scott will get up and go check on all the dogs at the kennel.

  • * We keep our hours from by appt 8 to 6 because we know how hard it is to keep on track on the way out of town. When you are running two hours late we will be here.

  • * We start taking dogs out between 6 and 630 am everyday (and it is not uncommon for Scott to start at 5 am because it is going to be a hotter than normal day).

  • * They get a last trip to the yard after 8 pm every night. (again it can be after 10 for a last potty break if we have an extra long day)

  • * We have crates in our office for shy and little dogs.

  • * We built the kennel for big dogs but now have lots of little dog friends. Little dogs run the office and have their own playgroups.

  • * Your dog will come home smelling just as clean as when they came. We do not have a mandatory bath policy.

  • * Dogs will get playtime with other dogs if they want it and playtime alone if they do not care for the other dogs. They do not have to go into the yard with another dog.

  • * We require regular shot for pravo/distemper and rabies is current. We do not require extra vaccines.

  • * We do have a vet with over 20 years experience on call for us.

  • * What happens at kennels where you must bring food: if you forget the food, your dog won’t eat or runs out. Here we provide the best food because this is your dog’s vacation and great food is part of a great vacation. If nothing else works Lara will cook an egg to get your dog to eat.

  • * If you are an EXISTING CLIENT (not a first time client although we will help if we can) and: You have a family emergency like a funeral just call and leave a message telling us when you need to drop off and we will accommodate. 

  • * If you get a flat on the way here and do not have time to make it to us and get that flight Lara will and has met dogs at the front of the airport.
  • We will pick up and drop off at our home if you ask. Pricing varies.